Nguyen Van Te1,
1 Y học hạt nhân, Bệnh viện FV, TP.HCM

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Retrospective study of 99mTc-MDP myocardial scintigraphy for restrictive cardiomyopathy with suspicion of amyloidosis from Feb 2021-Nov 2021 at FV hospital. Total 10 patients (7 male and 3 female patients) of age 37-85 years. Injected dose 15-20 (555-740 MBq), Thorax planar and SPECT/low dose non contrast CT acquisition at 1 hour following tracer injection. Qualitative analysis with Visual score and quantitative H/CL ratio Positive scan is concluded in case of diffuse uptake in myocardium with Visual score 2-3 and H/CL ratio >1.5. The procedure was performed safely with no side effect, no allergic to radiotracer recognized.

Results: Two male patients out of ten are positive for TTR-CA, at age 37 and 67. No myocardial biopsy is indicated for differential diagnosis between AL and TTR-CA. Eight patients are negative scintigraphically not specific for TTR-CA with H/CL <1.5 and Visual score 0.

Conclusion: 99mTc-MDP cardiac scintigraphy is a safe, reliable, noninvasive nuclear imaging applicated for early and differential diagnosis of cardiac amyloidosis replacing to myocardial biopsy. This approach contributes to reveal an undiagnosed disease at not so advanced cardiac involvement and with the progress of recent medical treatment, the survival is increasing. Other bone-avid tracers are encuraged for myocardial imaging depending on their availability

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